Hospital Lab Management

Hospital Lab Management
Laboratory management in Nepal is a super specialized area. The need of the hour is to make dedicated investments in terms of high-end technologies, skilled manpower, automated equipments and compliance with stringent accreditation guidelines, providing excellent customer service. Since a lab within a hospital is run as one of the many departments, it typically does not receive the necessary attention from hospital management. This results in high inventory and costs, inadequate quality / service turn-around-time causing dissatisfaction among clinicians and patients. In order to overcome these challenges, hospitals today are increasingly outsourcing lab management to external referral laboratories. This relatively new phenomenon is called Hospital Laboratory Management (HLM).
HLM allows hospitals to offer the best diagnostic care to their patients, while maintaining focus on providing their core healthcare services.
Following are the plethora of advantages being offered by Niramaya Diagnostics through its HLM set up:
Niramaya Diagnostics, through its well defined SOPs and quality systems, ensures adherence to processes and thus takes care of precision and quality, which forms the foundation of any pathology service.
Through the association, hospital will have an access to complete Niramaya Diagnostics test menu (2000 tests).
Being a service based industry, brand equity among doctors and patients is very important and Niramaya Diagnostics proudly showcases its equity at various levels.
Niramaya Diagnostics has a centre of excellence that brings expertise in various fields like Haematology, Clinical Pathology, Molecular Biology, and Microbiology.
Highly skilled and trained manpower from Niramaya Diagnostics Lab can supplement the existing hospital staff and thus would result in reduction in number of the manpower.