Niramaya My Health Basic

My Health Basic

Ideal for people who are getting their health check up done for the first time. CALL OUR CLOSEST BRANCH TO RECEIVE SPECIAL DISCOUNT.

Method:     Spectrophotometry, CMIA, HPLC, Microscopy, Coulter auto 


Glucose (F)Urine R/EUreaCreatinineTotal CholesterolComplete Blood Count (CBC)Bilirubin DirectBilirubin TotalSGPTSGOTTriglyceride (Tg)TSH Uric Acid

Specimen:     4ml. Serum in a SST (Gel Barrier Tube),  Urine, 2ml Whole Blood in EDTA vial (Purple Head Tube)

Reported On:     Same working day by 7:00 p.m.

Special Instruction:    Overnight fasting is MUST